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The Broadband Investment Index (BIIX) subsumes 21 different indicators of the social, entrepreneurial, political, and infrastructural preconditions for building investments in Germany. We computed the BIIX for 402 rural districts.

Results of the BIIX indicate that the rural districts with the best preconditions for broadband investments are located in the Southern part of Germany. Many rural districts in Northern and Western Germany qualify for good to very good preconditions as well. According to the ranking, many rural districts in the new federal states have relatively weak preconditions for broadband investments. In Berlin, the urban centers of Thuringia and Saxony, and parts of Brandenburg, however, preconditions for broadband investments are still average to good.


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Overview Indices

How is it computed?
Data Year
Broadband Index
Number MDF per km2 times population density
Business Tax Index
Business tax per resident
Real Estate Tax Index
Real estate tax per resident
Domain Index
Number of DE-Domains per 100 residents
Tax Index
Wage tax per 100 residents
Construction Index
Construction permissions per 1000 residents
Demography Index
Change in population over the last 5 years in percent
Employment Index
Number of employed divided by number of unemployed people
Patent Index
Patent applications per 1 million residents
Income Index
Number of persons with less than 10.000 € income per year divided by the number of persons with more than 50.000 € income per year
Litter Index
Litter per resident (in kg)
Construction Land Price Index
Average price for a m2 of building land (€)
Population Density index
Population per km2
Youth Unemployment Index
Unemployment rate within the group of 15 the 25 year-olds
Commercial Construction Index
Building permissions in m2 per business
Company Growth Index
Change in the number of companies within the last 5 years in percent
Debt Index
Debt of rural district per resident
Crime Rate Index
Sum of Murder Index, Heist Index, Theft Index, Burglary Index
Education Index
Number of pupils receiving an college degree divided by number of pupils receiving a degree
Freight Traffic Index
Freight traffic in rural district (loading and unloading) per resident
Voter Participation Index
Voter participation in the Bundestag-election


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How can the preconditions for broadband investments in rural districts be improved? The study “The impact of broadband on growth and productivity” (www.micus.de/59a_bb-final_en.html), written by MICUS CEO Dr. Martin Fornefeld on behalf of the European Commission, shows that economic growth and production improve when broadband supply enhances.

Would improving Internet Access connectivity also have a positive impact on your  rural district in general? The BIIX-Calculator computes the new BIIX rank of your rural district after improving broadband supply in your region. Try it out!


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